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Stewart Schulze Photographic Artist

Professional Photographers of California, Past President 2009-2010, SPPC, FPPC Professional Photographer of America, M.Photog.CR., Winner of the Kodak Gallery, Fuji Masterpiece, and 2010 Western States "Peoples Choice"

  • About the artist

    Professional Image Maker

      Photography has been a great interest of Stewart's since his days   as a yearbook photographer in high school.  This early experience gave   Stewart a strong working knowledge of the camera and prompted him to   pursue further education in the field. Modesto Junior College provided a   deeper level of artistry through their photography program.  This step   along the journey moved him closer to the dream of becoming a   professional artistic photographer.

      Stewart attended Brook's Institute in Santa Barbara with   emphasis on commercial and technical studies.  He left from there with a   greater understanding of both camera and lighting techniques.  This   knowledge allowed Stewart to capture on film what he was seeing in his   mind's eye with greater depth and accuracy.   After he finished Brook's,   he continued his education through West Coast School of Photography,   Professional Photograhers of California, and Professional Photographers   of America,  (P.P.A.).   In 1997, Stewart became one of the first P.P.A.   Certified Professional Photographers in Merced County.  It is his   personal philosophy that a good photographer never stops learning!


  • About the project

    Stewart Schulze specializes in creating art from the ordinary. Where others see dust and dirt, he sees image of incredible beauty.


    Stewart's latest photographic collection focuses on the farms and ranches of San Joaquin Valley, and the splendor of them all; the same splendor so many overlook every single day. Taken from right here in Hilmar and surrounding areas, "The Ag Project" is a self-funded labor-of-love, requiring Stewart to be out the door most mornings before the sun rises.


  • Creating Art from dust.

    Watching the farmers through the camera's lens has given Stewart a unique appreciation (and perspective) for this vital industry. "My goal is to make people pause and think, and to see through my eyes the wonders surrounding those of us lucky enough to call the Central Valley home," he proudly says. A Hilmar native, Stewart Schulze still resides on his family's 20 acre ranch. When not sharing his appreciation for the lost art of farming through his prints (with plans for a hard cover coffee table book in the near future), Stewart spends his time photographing families, high school students, pets, weddings and just about anything else that might step in front of his camera. Stewart has been a professional photographer for 26 years, and is the proud owner of Stewart Schulze Photographic Artist. He holds the title of Master Craftsmen Photographer from the Professional Photographers of America, and is the current president of the Professional Photographers of California

The Ag Project is a self assignment born out Stewart's life living in the small community of Hilmar and the love of the beauty of

life on the farm.


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